The Dan E. Homeyer Play Therapy Research Grant

The Dan E. Homeyer Play Therapy Research Grant

LoneStar Award

LoneStar Award

The Nancy Guillory Award

The Nancy Guillory Award

Dan E. Homeyer

TAPT will bestow two $1,000 research awards once per year in December. Nominations will be accepted through November 30th.

To qualify for the Dan E. Homeyer Play Therapy Research Award, you must:

  • Attend or teach at a Texas college or university
  • Use play therapy in some aspect of your research
  • Have approval of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Additional consideration is given to replication of “promising” play therapy research.

Once the research is completed:

  • Write a short synopsis of the research findings which will be published in the TAPT Newsletter (in such form that will not preclude your publishing the findings elsewhere)
  • Present the findings at the next TAPT Annual Conference (held in April). The Dan E. Homeyer Play Therapy Research Award Fund will pay for two nights at the conference hotel and TAPT will provide conference registration for Friday and Saturday of the conference.

Apply for the Dan E. Homeyer Play Therapy Research Award

The Lone Star Award is given to local chapters exhibiting outstanding service to membership and to the promotion of play therapy and the credentialing of Registered Play Therapists. The award is given to chapters at the Annual TAPT conference to chapters who meet the following criteria:

  • 50% of Local Chapter Members are also current members of APT/TAPT.
  • 2% of Local Chapter membership are RPT/S. (Chapters must submit their local member chapter with APT/TAPT and RPT/S members noted).
  • All Board members of the local chapter are members of APT/TAPT
  • Local Chapter provides at least 6 hours of APT Approved CE’s to membership each year
  • Local Chapter posts all CE workshops on the APT website
  • Local Chapter has at least once promoted the value of play and play therapy to the general public, segments thereof, e.g. other mental health professionals, the medical or legal professions, the insurance industry, schools and universities.

Supporting documents of the criteria are due to the TAPT President on March 1st.

Winners of the Lone Star Award will be:

Recognized at the TAPT conference / Featured in the TAPT Newsletter / Able to use the Lone Star Award Logo on their websites for the year they have won (April- April) / Given a Free TAPT conference registration to raffle off at their Local Chapter

Please contact TAPT President at for more information.

The Nancy Guillory Award is a lifetime membership in TAPT. It will be awarded to a Mental Health Professional who has made a substantive impact on the lives of children and who has been instrumental in the promotion of play therapy.

To qualify for the Nancy Guillory Award, you must:

  • Be a current member of TAPT
  • Be a resident of Texas
  • Continue to meet TAPT membership requirements as stated in the TAPT Bylaws

Letters of nomination must be submitted to no later than March 1st. The Research/Awards Committee will then receive the nominations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The winner will be honored at the TAPT Annual Conference. Traditionally, the award is kept a secret from the winner until it is announced at the annual conference.